Old photos and their history

Couple Walking, Scotts Snappy Snaps, 23 Broad St Jersey

A couple on holiday in Jersey. Photo developed at Scotts Snappy Snaps – not to be confused with the Snappy Snaps started in 1983. 23 broad street is currently a bank. A Scotts Photographer was in operation during the 1930s.



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  1. Re: the photo of the cruiser. I do believe this is one of the “Ceres” sub-class of Light Cruiser (one of the 28 “C-class” light cruisers built built during the First World War.
    Ere were five “Ceres” sub-classes built, and my guess to the individual ship would be either the “Ceres” herself (launched 1917; scrapped 1946) or the “Curlew” (launched 1917; sunk Norway, May 1940).

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