Old photos and their history

Loreen McCaig, Young Girl on Snowy Day, 1944

An old picture of a smiling girl wearing a tartan dress and stockings. She’s standing on a path cleared of the snow that surrounds her. Her shoes are clean so she may have been indoors and stepped outside to pose for the photo. The message on the back holds many clues to her identity.

‘This was taking in march

I will 12 years old on

July 23/1944

Loreen McCaig

I will soon Be as

Big as mother’

The faulty grammar, misspellings, and capitalisation of the letter B are child-like. The use of the pronoun “I” means they are writing about themselves. So we can assume the photo of the girl is of Loreen McCaig and that she wrote the message on the back.

We know she was born on the 23rd of July 1932 because she gives us the date of her next birthday. The date format of 7/23/1944 suggests she may have lived in the US or Canada. The photo was likely taken in March 1944. She was 11 years old at the time.

Her name and exact date of birth makes searching records easier. I, however, cannot find a Loreen McCaig or L McCaig born 23/7/1932. If anyone does then please let us know.

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